Do I have to do all nine sections at once?

NO. You can do as much, or as little, as you choose. We do require, however, that you complete all nine sections within three months of registering as we will change and update sections and questions periodically.

Do I have to do the sections in order?

NO. You can start with any region you choose.

Do I have to pay to take the tests?

NO. UNIVERSITY of VISIT FLORIDA is fully funded by our sponsors and, as a result, we encourage you to visit their web sites and learn more about their product or services.

Am I able to visit the links provided on sponsor ads within the test section during a test?

YES. We encourage you to visit our sponsor sites; in some cases, it may assist you in answering a question. Your test page will be waiting for you when you come back from the link.

Can I print off the Study Guide and use it while I write the test?

YES. Our aim is for you to know the state of Florida better. If it is easier for you to use the Study Guide as you write the test, you are free to do so.

Can I become a sponsor?

YES. Please contact us at for full details.


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